Designs by Lloyd Parker

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I'm a UK-born, Australian-based designer with 10 years of professional experience and a multidisciplined skill set. Over the past decade I've designed dozens of websites, logos, advertisements and printed materials...but my real love is video games. With video games I can combine my affection for classic 2D art with my understanding of computer logic and systems.

Here's a small selection of designs. Please contact me if you're looking for something more specific. I'm courteous, hard-working and most importantly, I work well with others - maybe we should chat?

Pixel Art

Detective game bar scene.

Sci-fi game scenes.

RPG game tile sets.

Video Game Prototype

In my spare time I work on video games. My latest prototype is a personal challenge to develop an 8-bit platformer in the style of a Master System game, such as Wonder Boy. It even uses the Master System's colour palette! A new version will be available to play soon!

Assorted Designs

Hand-drawn adventure game scene (click to enlarge).

A HD rendition of Bowie from Shining Force II.

HD Sonic Mania wallpaper.

Back in my Play podcast logo.

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