Designs by Lloyd Parker

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I'm a UK-born, Australian-based designer with 10 years of professional experience and a multidisciplined skill set. Over the past decade I've designed dozens of websites, logos, advertisements and printed materials...but my real love is video games. With video games I can combine my affection for classic 2D art with my understanding of computer logic and systems.

Here's a small selection of designs. Please contact me if you're looking for something more specific. I'm courteous, hard-working and most importantly, I work well with others - maybe we should chat?

Pixel Art

Detective game bar scene.

Sci-fi game scenes.

RPG game tile sets.

Video Game Prototype

In my spare time I work on video games. My latest prototype is a personal challenge to develop an 8-bit platformer in the style of a Master System game, such as Wonder Boy. It even uses the Master System's colour palette! Click here to play! The level isn't complete, but try collecting all 50 orbs.

Assorted Designs

Hand-drawn adventure game scene (click to enlarge).

A HD rendition of Bowie from Shining Force II.

HD Sonic Mania wallpaper.

Back in my Play podcast logo.

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